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I just want to make awesome sandwiches
Steve Walker, Founder

Steve Walker

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What's Up, Love Sandwiches? Us Too!
Pig on a Wing has one simple goal, share amazing sandwiches with our loyal customers and have fun doing it. Our brick & mortar joint is located in historic Jerseyville, IL, right off of State Street in the North of town. We also have our rolling Pig on Wing Food Truck that is ready to come to your next event to dish out amazing sandwiches. Pig on a Wing has a menu full of unique sandwiches, sides, and salads. We also have daily specials at our restaurant that are sure to amaze. Our team is made up of amazing people excited to fill your stomachs. Book our truck for your next event or come by and see us in Jerseyville.


Check out some Pig On A Wing Favorites
The Ribeye
The Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese
Pulled Pork Nachos
The Chicken Philly
The Pig on a Wing Grilled Cheese

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Steve Walker

Steve has spent over 34 years of his life in the food space. He has taken valuable work experience from his work with the Pasta House for 16 years and his role as a GM with Panera for 6 years. However, in 2009, he started his dream of making amazing sandwiches and working for himself. He prides himself on listening to customer requests, having fun making unique sandwiches and making sure no one leaves hungry.

Ryan Hansen

Ryan is the third generation owner of Hansen Meat Co, based out of Jerseyville, IL. Always a lover of sandwiches and burgers, Ryan was thrilled to partner up with Steve and help get his amazing sandwich creations to more people.

  • Haven't had a sandwich from "The Pig" that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed! Whether from the shop or the food truck, it all tastes great! The pulled pork grilled cheese is my favorite sandwich! I love the specials and the staff is always friendly and helpful! I had the beer cheese soup last week and it was the best I'd ever had! Keep doing what you're doing, I love it!
    Laura Dabbs
  • Sandwiches are out of this world!! I love that y’all have moved, and there is a drive through window now. We make sure to come when our kids are busy, so we don’t have to share!
    Amy Elliot
  • Love love this food! My favorites are the chicken sandwich, pulled pork tacos, and Meagan's vegetable soup!!! You can't go wrong and most sandwiches can be 2 meals!
    Katie Jilek
  • Got 2 POW sandwiches from the food truck event, shared them with my family and we loved them. Will be looking for them again at another food truck event.
    Darin L. Hartman
  • Best sandwiches ever!!!! Hansen burger is my fave, also the Italian. Friendly staff
    Sissi Griffith
  • Sandwiches make me two meals. I always get the BLT without the L& T. AKA bacon sandwich!
    Penelope Brannan
  • Pig on a Wing sandwich was insanely delicious.  Man that's good stuff!
    Doug Bush
  • Had the pig on a wing and it was the best sandwich ever!
    Kelly Jacobs
  • Friendly service and delicious food! The GW was amazing. Highly recommend!
    Shelly Shaw Moore
  • We love pig on a wing! All the sandwiches we've had are delish!!
    Robin Terpening
  • Had a couple sandwiches at the county fair were absolutely amazing and came to the actual home store for a couple more sandwiches and again was blown away on how amazing they were I'll definitely swing by again next time we visit !!!!!!
    Joe Anthony Marcus Summers
  • TLDR; Quick service, delicious food, refreshing variety ftw That Spicy Italian Beef sandwich is how all cattle should be required to spend their afterlife. I had to revisit the meal it was so big and the Jalapeño Mustard is something I want to put on anything even resembling a sandwich. With how close it is to my work, I'm going to talk about it constantly to my co-workers and place value on their existence depending on what they think of the place. Willing to share orders at this point to help spread the love. So happy that we decided to check the place out and can't wait to gorge myself on the hefty servings of savory goodness again sometime this week.
    Jamie Miller
  • Food truck came To my work..food is phenomenal!!!!
    Dennis Cline
  • I had the food truck at my house for a party, wonderful idea, food, and service!!! Not one person left hungry and everyone thought this was the best thing ever!!! Next party The Pig on a Wing will be here!!!
    Beth Ackerman Johnes

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A Great Experience in Jerseyville - Dine-In or Take-Out
Look for the “FLYING PIG” sign next to Medford Food Mart at 216 N. State Street, Jerseyville, IL. We have plenty of seats to dine in and a convenient, drive-up window to pick up orders from the comfort of your ride. We’re open every day, so come in and see us!

Steve and Ryan

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